Pro Golfer Practices His Chip Shot Through Window of $2 Million LaFerrari

For professional golfer, Ian Poulter, money doesn’t seem to be an issue. ...

For professional golfer, Ian Poulter, money doesn’t seem to be an issue. Several sources around the internet place his net worth at around $60 million. With that money, rumor has it that he likes to buy a car here and there. Last time that we saw him, he was shooting golf balls through the windows of his Mercedes-AMG GT63.

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As if firing off golf balls in the direction of a six-figure Benz wasn’t enough, this time, things are getting a little bit more intense. In what appears to be a reaction to the comment section on Instagram, a logical place to draw inspiration, the golfer decided to step it up a notch.

This time, the ride that he chose to use to show off his skills was slightly more expensive. In fact, we would just go ahead and add another zero to the price tag off the bat. The subject of discussion this time is known as the LaFerrari Aperta.

This version of the car loses the top but keeps the price tag. These cars have been seen going in the high $2 million range but for the right combination, buyers have shown that they are willing to pay nearly $5 million for the car. Where exactly this one falls on the spectrum, we can’t really say for sure.

By following along with the video below, we’re able to tune in with somebody who is very confident in his skills, though. There’s a certain level of confidence to put your money where your mouth is like this. We would say that firing golf balls at a seven-figure exotic is certainly one way to show such confidence.

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