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Pro-Stock Motorcycle Rider Jianna Salinas Suffers Her First Career Crash

Pro-Stock Motorcycle Rider Jianna Salinas Suffers Her First Career Crash

When a rider has a wild two-wheeled machine between their legs that’s ready to roll, they’d better be ready for any and all adversity. In the blink of an eye, said rider can end up in a world of hurt. Even when they do everything right, sometimes the stars just aren’t going to align. This could end up getting incredibly wild, especially on a motorcycle. Limbs are left to the liberty of momentum, after all. Even worse, there’s no cage to protect the rider’s body.

When Jianna Salinas was ready to get going at the Route 66 Nats, it would turn out that her bike would get a little bit light in the front end. Without the front tire making enough contact with the ground, it’s easy to imagine that control would be limited. As such, the motorcycle would wander toward the center of the track. Jianna looked to be in it to win it. When she could finally gather herself enough to guide the bike, it would be too late. Her motorcycle would end up eluding her as it drifted toward the center. By the time she was able to make good enough contact to try to correct this situation, the timing system cones interfered.

She probably ended up going home with some bumps, bruises, and a whole lot of soreness. Thankfully, she was cleared by the medical crew on the scene.

We’re impressed by how quickly the safety crew was able to react as this one could’ve gotten much more serious. Sometimes, that can make all the difference in a situation like this.


Cliff notes: Her dad owns a top fuel team, mike salinas racing who gave his team Harley’s after they got their first career win, I believe her sister is racing too (DELETE WHEN DONE) she’s a rookie in this class