This Procharger Equipped Snowmobile is Downright Insane

As the old expression goes, if you build it they will come. No matter what the ...

As the old expression goes, if you build it they will come. No matter what the platform is, it seems that those of us with the need for speed will build just about anything. Whether this is a golf cart, snowmobile, or something more traditional, we are all looking for the same thing. Ideally, at the end of the day, we want to go as fast as possible. We think that this snowmobile is going to strive in that area!

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This time, the need for speed comes out of a platform that most might not exactly be familiar with. In this one, we take a look at a creation from the guys over at Hypersports as they put together a ProCharged snowmobile! In the clip that we see here, the machine is just sitting still. However, as it’s fired up and it starts to idle, it’s practically sweating horsepower. We can’t wait to see this Pro Outlaw machine hit the snow! We’re sure that the white stuff is going to be flying every which way once the rider ends up throttling down.

In a situation like this, the machine is probably going to be pretty fast due to that good old fashion power to weight ratio. When seeing the ProCharger superchargers unit strapped onboard, we get this funny feeling that the machine makes some good power. When combined with a lightweight snowmobile, it’s going to certainly be an intense show.

By following along with the video below, we get a quick little teaser of what this thing is all about. It looks like the crew is hard at work, attempting to put some of the finishing touches on the snowmobile. From top to bottom, the machine really looks like it’s ready to race. Being onboard a rig like this has to be an absolute adrenaline rush.

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