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“Project Midnight” is Everything You Could Ever Want in a Side-by-Side

It’s pretty crazy that we, as gearheads, will modify just about anything that we come in contact with. From boats to cars and everything in between, many of us performance enthusiasts just can’t leave things alone. This definitely includes diving into the world of the side-by-side as well.

For a machine like the 2018 Can-Am Turbo R X3 DS 64″, we see a pretty stout performer from the factory. However, that doesn’t stop folks like those over at UTV Source from pushing the envelope even further. In fact, with help from a place like UTV Source, these small but mighty machines can be optioned out. It’s pretty crazy to think of all of the custom touches that can be added to something like this.

This time, we take a ride along with one of their projects that really hit the nail on the head. We would say that this UTV is just about perfect. The sinister trail machine known as “Project Midnight” really delivers on a variety of different axes. This thing looks like an absolute blast and a functional blast at that.

One thing that some might find surprising about the world of UTV modification is its endless nature. No matter what part of the vehicle we’re talking about, there are tons of different choices. When we take a guided tour of Project Midnight, we get to really see that concept come to life.

From top to bottom, this thing is entirely custom and many of the components can be ordered straight from that UTV Source website. From a custom cage to suspension and even custom seating, the modified Can-Am leaves no stone unturned. At the end of the day, it is built to be a high-end trail machine and we think that it’ll do that job rather nicely. In fact, we might even venture to say that once someone hops behind the wheel, they may not want to get back out! – UTV Source


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