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Protect Your Wheels All Winter Long – Winter WD-40 Wheel Wonder!

If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area that doesn’t receive harsh weather during the winter months, then consider yourself lucky to be able to shine your ride all year round. However, if you do reside in a place that gets pelted with the worst that winter has to offer, then you know that the elements can be mighty rough on your ride.

Alongside the snow and ice comes the road salt that is used to attempt to make the roadways inhabitable again by motorists who are looking to get from A to B. However, that salt and grime is definitely something that can tend to beat on your parts, especially your wheels.

While we’re sure that there are a variety of methods that one could practice in order to try and protect the finish on their wheels, this one is rather unique and we have never really seen anything like it to be honest with you. Whether or not it works in practice is up for debate but it really does seem like the thought process behind it makes a lot of sense.

Follow along in the video below that gives you a little bit of insight on how to use a lubricant like WD-40 to provide a barrier between the finish on your painted wheels and the outside elements. Have you ever tried something like this out? Does it work? Do you have any better ideas on how to lay a protective film down on your wheels during the harshest of winter conditions?

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