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Psycho and possibly drunk man nearly kills rider and causes an accident!

Motorcyclists are without a doubt the most vulnerable motorists on the roadways. With only their riding gear to help protect them from the world around them – which consists mostly of huge metal boxes traveling at pretty high speeds – they constantly face the threat of severe injury or worse if things go even slightly wrong.

This biker has his GoPro rolling when a guy in a lifted Nissan Titan, the same one he had just passed that was halfway out of its lane moments earlier, comes from behind him and only misses him by a couple of feet. The Titan, clearly traveling much faster than the surrounding traffic, then almost clips a minivan, before slamming on the brakes for a redlight, only to tag the rear bumper of a convertible VW that was stopped for the light. The drivers get out and have an exchange of words before deciding to move from traffic to exchange insurance information. Despite having evidence the police could use, the biker decides to leave the scene, and a few moment later we find out why, as he informs the world that he’s riding without a tag, title or insurance.

While it’s unfortunate for the Volkswagen driver that his bumper got crunched up, this could have ended much worse considering the cycle rider saw the Titan driver move a case of beer through he window. Let’s hope he didn’t go on and continue to drink and do something much worse!

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