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Pulling a Junkyard LS engine by HAND for just $190

If it’s cheap performance that we’re talking about, there are a lot of people out there who will live and die by late model Chevrolet V8 performance that goes under the LS nameplate. It seems like these engines aren’t only ones that you can really depend on to have some massive potential but they also come to bat with quite a cheap price. With all the engines in the family that you can find in different kinds of trucks and SUVs over the years, the price isn’t exactly at a premium but what you get is arguably the best bang for your buck possible, according to those who work with these engines regularly.

This time, we’re going on a little bit of an adventure as a couple of guys have scouted out the perfect LS engine for their project vehicle. How much does this ideal engine cost? Well, they have to go out there and pull it out of the truck for themselves, but the premium is no more than $190. Where else are you going to find an engine like this with so much upside, all while spending less then what some folks spend on a single tire. As long as you have a little bit of background knowledge to know what you’re doing to get it out of the truck in question, you’re good to go!

Follow along down in the video below as a trip to the junkyard yields what these guys see as being a pretty good block of gold that is their newfound heart for the toy of choosing. Be sure to tell us what you think of this junkyard find and what something like this 5.3L L33 would be worth you. Would you ever consider putting a junkyard truck motor in your racing project to make it move?