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Pure Sound: Listen as a Modded CTS-V Rips Through the Streets

YouTube is such a wonderful place to learn just about anything that one could want to know about cars. All across the video-sharing platform, there are all sorts of different videos out there that encompass everything from reviews to wrenching advice and just about everything in between. However, every once in a while, the commentary isn’t exactly what we’re looking for when we start to peruse YouTube, searching for some of our favorite machines.

This time, we check in with a car video that makes everything a bit simpler. Instead of diving into the technical specs or teaching you how to work on cars, this one is all about appreciating a well-built machine and all of its glory.

The car here this time just happens to be Speed Society giveaway number 35, a Cadillac CTS-V that goes by the name of “Vision.”

Straight off of the dealership lot, the third-generation CTS-V was most certainly an impressive muscle machine. However, as is the case with any Speed Society giveaway, we took the liberty of turning up the volume knob just a little bit and throwing a couple of tasteful modifications in the mix to make sure that the car would truly be outstanding.

What can I say? We just can’t help but turn a couple of wrenches to spice things up.

In the video below, you can ride along with Vision as we go for a little bit of a cruise through sunny California. If this seems like a machine that you might want to add to your own garage, you can check out the details on how exactly one might go about winning this impressive luxury muscle sedan here. At the link, you can also find the details that spill the beans on exactly how we modified this beast to take the already stout platform and really bring it to life.


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