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Pure V8 Sound: The 2018 Dodge Durango SRT (Start Up, Revs, Acceleration)

If you take a look at the name Dodge Durango, it’s not necessarily going to be a dominant performer on anybody’s list, unless that list is all about how you can haul the family around and have lots of room left in the back for your packages and groceries. That’s exactly where the SRT strikes as it sneaks up and unleashes the beast! As we have seen across the board, sometimes, these automakers like to sneak a little bit of power into the equation, giving the most unsuspecting vehicles a bit of juice to go with their utility factor. When the SRT nameplate was slapped on the Dodge Durango, we knew that it would be good and probably a blast to drive when it comes to these family haulers.

This time, it’s Saab Kyle taking us along for the ride in none other than the Dodge Durango SRT8. The SUV packs a 6.4L Hemi that’s capable of 475 hp. In the grand scheme of things, that might not all jump off of the stat sheet amongst the field but, it’s certainly a heavy punch to be packed by a vehicle that’s not really expected to have any get up and go at all. In fact, just by looking at the numbers, you probably expect this 4×4 from an otherwise mundane SUV class to be a pretty fun vehicle to drive. Just watching the clips have us wanting to give it a whirl!

Check out the “Pure Sound” Video below that is designed to take us inside of this growling V8. After you see a video like this that lets you listen in to exactly what this thing sounds like inside and out, it may just give you a new perspective, if not on the whole class of vehicles, then at least the Dodge Durango! The next time you see a soccer mom or family man pulling up at a red light, you never know, they might just have some major power hiding out under their right foot waiting to be unleashed!

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