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Putting Backyard Built Triple Engine Car On The Dyno

For those who follow the Garage 54 YouTube channel, they know that the channel has become popular for doing pretty much the craziest experiments imaginable. Normally, it all starts out with a common car as it’s exposed to some extreme condition. One day, they might be trying to peel off rust with soda. The next, perhaps, we find the channel replacing motor oil with gasoline just to see what’s going to happen. Essentially, everything that they create is based on “what if” scenarios that will almost never happen in the real world but. They are interesting to watch unfold, though.

The latest of these situations was formed when the “what if” swayed to a vehicle being powered by multiple engines. In a contraption that looks like something built in a backyard, they eventually found some answers. By essentially lining up all three engines in front of the car, the creation would come to life. It might not be the most finished product in the world but is certainly something that catches the eye and really raises all sorts of questions. One of those questions might just be how much power does it make?

For the inquiring minds who are trying to figure out how such a contraption comes together and what good it might be, the video below might help. Would all of these engines just end up adding their power to one another? Is this going to be the most inefficient display that we have ever seen? There are a lot of unknowns here because this is pretty much territory that almost nobody has really taken part in before. It almost seems as if there’s imminent doom looming over the horizon and the only way to find out if it’s going to make it or not is to watch for yourself.

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