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Putting the Mercedes G-Wagen to the Test Off-Road

When we think Mercedes-Benz, naturally luxury comes to mind. After all, the brand is basically built on the premise of offering up some of the most premium vehicles available on the market. What most people don’t know is that Mercedes is actually involved in a whole slew of other markets. From the service vehicle industry all the way to racing, they have their fingers in a lot. It doesn’t seem that they look to push this image over their “finer things” way of living.

Even when we look at vehicles like their SUVs, we simply can’t picture them being taken off of the beaten path. Sure, the G-Class is one of the most popular vehicles for those who want to show their wealth. However, we can’t necessarily see these things being taken out of mall parking lots and into the Amazon. However, underneath that pretty exterior, it appears as if Mercedes has invested a good amount into making sure that these things have that ability. In this one, they want to show us just how much they’ve invested.

This time, we get to see just how good Mercedes can do with adverse terrain. In the video below, we take a look at the 2019 Mercedes Unimog and G-Wagen. This test is a little bit different because it’s not exactly reviewing the cars’ seat massagers. Instead, it ends up putting these things through the wringer.

It’s certainly not too often that we get to see luxury vehicles like this challenged with all sorts of different terrain. We have to admit, though, that after watching something like this, give us a whole new outlook on the vehicles! Perhaps it’s time to look into a Benz for those long days in the desert or for powering through the woods. See it all unfold below!