Quest to Find the Ultimate Street Car Continues as Competitors Hit the Track

Somewhere, out there in the world, there is the perfect car.Win this 2020 Matrix C8 ...

Somewhere, out there in the world, there is the perfect car.

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Now, obviously, this perfect car is going to change from person to person as the idea presents a subjective discussion. However, in the performance community, we know that there are a heaping handful of people who would agree that’s such a machine would encompass at least a couple of capabilities.

For starters, naturally, the car is going to have a solid amount of power and be fun to drive. As members of the performance community, we just can’t help but want to have a car that really gives us an adrenaline rush when we get behind the wheel.

However, typically, when it comes to finding a powerful machine, there are going to be some sacrifices to be made. In many cases, adding power means sacrificing the creature comforts. Sometimes, reliability can figure out a way to get lost along the road somewhere as well. However, some of us are just determined that, out there in the world, there is a machine that is the best of all worlds. It will provide a comfortable and reliable ride or without sacrificing the fun factor.

In order to get to the bottom of this recurring question, a show by the name of Sorted has come to life. Essentially, Sorted is designed to put powerful performance cars through a variety of tests. This time, we drop in following the street testing and acceleration testing. In this episode, it’s time to go on a hot lap. That means things are getting interesting and machines are going to be much more prone to breaking.

By following along with the video below, we get thrust into the action, seeing how these machines will be ranked in the latest tier of competition. The rankings have shown that some cars definitely have gotten off to a quick start and gained an advantage but the lion’s share of the points are upcoming, so buckle up your seatbelt because this is about to get even more interesting. – Rob Ferretti

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