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Questionable Things We’ve All Been Ignoring in Fast and Furious Movies

When it comes to the Fast and Furious movies, a lot of gearheads have certainly been deeply entrenched in following the story over the years. However, let’s just say that most of us realize that the franchise has never been accused of being free of plot holes and over-the-top sequences that really go beyond belief.

We get it, it’s an action movie and most action films do have areas where they aren’t exactly realistic but Fast really takes unrealistic to a new level.

In a past lifetime, things like these might’ve been talked about in living rooms and just let go eventually. However, in 2021, we find an era where a YouTube video is made about just about everything. In fact, there are entire YouTube channels that are dedicated to diving into films a little bit deeper to pick them apart.

Let’s just say that when it comes to the Fast and Furious franchise, there is definitely a lot to pick apart. I would list off a couple of moments that really seemed to go over the top to the point where they became questionable. However, there are just simply too many to even know where to start.

This time, though, we check in with a couple of things that we tend to ignore while watching Fast and Furious films. Typically, a good movie has the ability to make you suspend your disbelief for a while even though you know some things within it could never really happen when the cameras are turned off.

Whether or not the Fast and Furious films fall into that category, though, will be up to the interpretation of the viewer. After checking in with this list, be sure to tell us which one of these moments you found to be the most questionable – there are plenty to go around!


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