Quite Possibly The Biggest Jump By a Stock Jeep EVER!

If you’re looking to go above and beyond in order to catch big-time air, you ...

If you’re looking to go above and beyond in order to catch big-time air, you can see how something like this could quickly spiral out of control. One thing you know, you’re building the ramp and attempting to do something small and the next thing you know, you’re soaring through the air, wondering exactly how you got yourself in this predicament and trying to figure out how badly it’s going to hurt when you eventually come down on the other side of the jump that maybe you got a little bit too ahead of yourself with.

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This time, we check out the jump that most certainly couldn’t have felt good that someone took on with what appears to be a stock looking Jeep Grand Cherokee, one that’s really beat up which means you can have even more fun with it! It all starts with a dirt ramp though and this thing is incredibly massive and sends this Keep flying into the air beyond what anybody probably thought was actually going to happen. When it all comes crashing down into the incline that it was supposed to land on, this all becomes incredibly real and we’re left to wonder what exactly happened to whoever was in that Jeep.

There’s no information with the video that really dictates what exactly happened on the other end of the stunt so one can only hope that the Jeep was either unmanned or that the individual behind the wheel ended up coming out without any bumps or bruises. However, with the crunch that this machine sends off upon impact, it doesn’t look like the driver would’ve been so lucky. Follow along with the video below that shows off this incredible act of… uh, bravery…. and tell us what you think of getting behind the wheel and trying out something like this. Something tells me that if there was someone behind the wheel here, they’re going to be thinking twice before they do something like this again.


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