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Racecar Road Rage Ends In One Driver Getting TAZED And Both Arrested!

As someone who describes himself as rather competitive, I get it. When things don’t go your way, it can definitely be a frustrating time and there might be certain ways that you act out to share this frustration. For most, however, that acting out might just be a quick scream back in the pits or maybe slamming a helmet to the ground when the race is over with. However, these racers really took it to another level and I think that they would live to regret their competitive nature. The result of this racecar road rage of sorts is a pretty wild watch. It’s kind of hard to believe that someone would act out like that.

As this race would continue on, a couple of cars would get tangled up in an accident. It’s not an uncommon occurrence but, it looks like one of the drivers here was blaming the other for the mixup and took it incredibly personal, maybe a little bit too personal!

Maybe both of them thought that the other did something wrong. Instead of having it out after the race by using their words, though, this thing escalated to a pretty wild show on the track. We watch as one of the drivers ends up ramming into the other driver and planting his car on top of the other. This is before they would both get out and have at it in a fistfight.

One thing would lead to another and before things got truly out of hand, the police were on the scene and would end up tasing one of the drivers and arresting both of them. At the end of the day, rubbing is racing but this isn’t how you want to handle yourself in any situation. We would be inclined to think that the drivers here probably learned a valuable lesson however, we wouldn’t be shocked to see them out there doing something like this again, either.

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