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Racing Driver Gives us Tips to Become Better at Driving Stick

In today’s world, it almost seems like driving a stick shift is an art that’s lost on automotive manufacturers. When we take a peek across the automotive landscape, there are a lot of vehicles that were once amazing stick shift machines that are no longer offered in a manual transmission. It almost seems as if the automatic transmission is taking up such a massive market share that perhaps the manual transmission could even die off before long.

However, there are still some of us who hold the manual transmission near and dear to our hearts. Especially in a performance-oriented car, there is something special about driving a stick. Rowing through the gears and really being able to dial yourself in with the car seems to make man and machine one. The experience seems to be a way of immersion that just isn’t possible with an auto. It’s definitely a unique experience and if you’ve never driven a stick shift, we would highly recommend it.

This time, we dive into a video that talks about driving a stick shift on a sort of beginner’s plane. Our host here, Casey Putsch, describes himself as a racing driver. In this demonstration, though, it’s back to basics in order to talk about the building blocks of driving a stick shift. In Putsch’s words, this is how to “not suck” when behind the wheel of the car!

By following along with the video below, we’re able to grab some helpful tips that will make driving a stick shift a breeze. Over the years, those of us who have become familiar with manual transmissions know about most of these tricks. However, there could also be a couple of new ones that even experienced drivers could add to their repertoire. It’s never to late to learn a couple of new tricks.


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