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Racing Excuses 101 – Don’t Be That Guy

Racing Excuses 101 – Don’t Be That Guy

If you have ever been in racing in any capacity, you probably have ran into the gentleman who likes to make 101 excuses about why they can’t race or why they lost.

This time, Real Street Performance gives us their comedic but true rendition of what one of these people looks like and to be honest, it had us just about dying with laughter.

From low bottle pressure to faking excuses about rain and just about everything in between, this video outlines “that guy” that nobody should be. For some reason, every group has one!

At the end of the day, they hit the nail on the head when the suspect in question claims that their buddy has a car that would have no issue racing… yeah, of course.

Check out the slew of excuses in the video below and tell us which ones you have to add. One of our personal favorites that it didn’t include is “My car was out of the power band.”