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Racing Rat Rods on your front lawn might not be a good idea!

Now this looks like the kind of dirty little secret your wife or girlfriend might not get mad about: Rat Rad Offroading! We have the names of these rust bucket racers, but we don’t know which name belongs to which car, and to be honest, it doesn’t really matter. While the pair does line up and race a few hundred feet, it is clear this showdown is more about having fun than winning the race for the guys behind the wheel.

Once the pair are staged up, you can see a their country cutie starter drop the flag and the pair sling huge rooster-tails of dust as they race to cross the finish line first. However, once the race is over – the near lane did take the win, by the way – the real fun begins. Both drivers take part in the automotive equivalent of breakdancing by ripping off some loud, dusty donuts right there in the grass! Massive clouds of dust and eardrum-shattering exhaust signify the good times are rolling! Once the donuts are done, the rat rods drop back into “tame” mode and idle back toward the starting line in nice, orderly fashion.

We aren’t sure if Dennis Landry or Destry St. Pierre took the win in the actual drag race, maybe they will see this and chime in. Either way, these two take the award for having the most fun in the yard today!


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