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Radial Tire Malibu Goes 3.80 @ 208mph!

Mark Micke has been a steadfast competitor in the world of small tire racing Jason Carter’s trademark Malibu for a long time. The pair have steadily increased their power levels to keep up with the changing landscape of Radial vs the World, and they’re once again knocking on the door of running class-leading ET’s.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 8.55.37 AM

At last weekend’s Radial Revenge event at Tulsa Raceway Park, Micke laid down a new career best on the sticky surface, laying down a solid 3.80 run at 208 MPH, both of which are personal bests. The car, which relies on a twin turbo big block Chevy for motivation, is one of the most instantly-recognizable cars in all of drag racing, with it’s slightly-stretched nose and gorgeous blue hue.

Look for much more from the Blue Malibu as the team continues to chip away at the tune and drop those ET’s week after week!

Video credit – Urban Hillbilly Action Videos