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Ford Truck Owner Funny Road Rage

Sometimes, other drivers just get on your very last nerve while navigating the roads and you just want to do something to retaliate.

Road ra-ge is usually pointless and solves about nothing, but this time it turns out to give us quite the laugh as this woman is pretty darn obnoxious with her anger on the road.

After the Ford F-350 that she’s riding in gets honked at, she completely loses her mind, getting out of the truck and banging on the BMW that they just cut off.

At the end of the ugly scenario, she even spits on the BMW, showing the ultimate sign of disrespect for somebody who didn’t really even do anything.

Check out this case of road ra*ge gone hilarious in the video below and tell us what you think of this scenario. Luckily for this guy, it was all caught on dashcam.

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