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Rally Team Continues With Snow-Filled Car After Rollover, Their Commentary is Hilarious

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on February 18, 2019

In plenty of corners of the motorsport world, drivers have to almost be a little bit crazy to go out there and compete. Whether someone is ripping down the dragstrip to the tune of 200 mph, drifting around corners as they go completely sideways, or blasting through the track in the world of rally, there’s a fine line to be drawn somewhere between being brave and being insane. We would probably argue that some of the most insane drivers that we have come across are in the world of rally. These guys really find a way to get down.

One of the things that we really admire about the sport is that it seems like the limit is a lot further than with most other motorsports. Rally drivers are more willing to endure a variety of challenges when compared to other racing counterparts. This time, we get to see those limits pushed as an intense situation unfolded in the heat of competition. The occupants wouldn’t be perturbed, though, as they’d just keep on trucking along in a circumstance that will truly blow most peoples’ minds.

In the vast majority of motorsports, a rollover means that you’re done. That’s it. When the car ends up going on its roof, it’s usually unsafe to continue driving and time to wrap it up. However, in a world of rally, that might not necessarily be the case. This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen something like this but it might be the most incredible as snow is packed into the mix. As this team is blasting through the snowy obstacle course, eventually, their car does end up going over. However, even though the windows get busted out of the car that ends up being filled with snow, the crew continues on.

We have to warn you that this one does involve a little bit of vulgar language but the end result is nothing short of downright incredible. We think that these guys can get a pass for throwing a couple of curse words out there. After all, they did just roll their car.

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