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Rally driver and copilot arguing throughout a race is incredibly hilarious

Nobody likes that back seat driver or your one buddy that tries to tell you how to drive while riding shotgun, but unfortunately, they will always exist.

While plowing through a rally race, however, It’s important for your copilot to guide you through the obstacles and warn you of any danger that might lie ahead.

This time, however, the copilot might have just taken things a step or two too far as he tries his hardest to micromanage the driving of the actual pilot.

The result is quite hilarious as you can see from the in car video below. As one Reddit user put it, “it’s kind of like a wife telling her husband how to drive through a parking lot.

Check out the video below and prepare to laugh your ass off in this situation that might remind you a little bit of one that you have probably experienced at some point in your lifetime.


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