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Rally Racer Comes Inches From Certain Death, Barely Saved by Guardrail

If you’ve ever watched the sport of rally racing, you might have noticed that these guys are absolutely certifiably insane as they push their rides around corners and over obstacles at speeds that might just turn your mind inside out as they thrash around the course.

This time, we catch up with a rally driver who really pushes his luck as he rips around a course that just so happens to be right near the edge of a mountain, waiting for one false move to send both the car and driver tumbling hundreds, if not thousands of feet to the ground which is going to hurt.

We watch as the driver really lays into the throttle in this one, wreaking havoc on the blacktop before having an incredibly scary moment come to the forefront when he pushes it just a little bit too far and skids toward the edge in a situation that’s too close for comfort!

Check out the video below that pushes the scenario to the limit and has a guardrail being the only thing that has this guy suspended from what would probably be a deadly scenario of the car moved just a couple of more feet off of the road. If I were this guy, I would probably head out and play the lottery because he got truly lucky in this spot.


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