fb-pixel “Ram Raiding” Thieves Make Off With $100k in Merchandise
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“Ram Raiding” Thieves Make Off With $100k in Merchandise

In the relentless pursuit of doing right and safeguarding everyone’s best interests, there exists a disheartening reality – there are plenty of people out there who are working against everything right in the world.

Each day, those inclined towards criminal activities devise new methods to take what isn’t rightfully theirs. While contemplating their creativity, one can’t help but wonder what positive contributions these individuals could make if directed elsewhere, but I digress

A new crime trend, ominously labeled “ram-raiding,” has emerged, showcasing thieves’ increasing audacity. This one takes the act of burglary and manages to stack a couple of more felonies on top of the already serious situation.

Across the country, stores are grappling not only with stolen merchandise but also the destruction of storefronts. Criminals employ stolen cars to crash through the front of a store, ransacking the premises for valuable items before abandoning the stolen vehicle. We’re not exactly talking about stealth operations from a Tom Clancy novel, here.

Reports reveal staggering losses, with some locations suffering up to $100,000 in stolen merchandise and that’s without considering the downtime and repairs that need to be done. Even more concerning is an incident where $28,000 worth of weapons were stolen from a gun store, causing $200,000 in damage during the ram raid and putting these weapons in the wrong hands.

One particularly intriguing episode unfolded in a jewelry store after thieves drove a vehicle through the front window. As they smashed cabinets to seize as much jewelry as possible, they discovered that jewelry stores commonly secure their goods in a safe when closing for the day.

In response to this crime wave, store owners are taking measures to prevent such incidents. Inside Edition provides an in-depth look at the unfolding situation, shedding light on the tactics employed by criminals and the efforts made by store owners to thwart these brazen attacks.

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