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Random Act of Kindness Prompts Man to Save a Stranger’s RX-7 From a Flood

As human beings, we have the tendency to be attracted to negative news sometimes. Studies have shown that people are multiple times more likely to report on a negative experience than a positive. This phenomenon seems to spread throughout the news headlines and social media alike. It can really seem like the world is all doom and gloom – not the case.

It’s important to remember that there is good happening out there in the world. Sometimes, random strangers will even commit acts of kindness in order to help one another out.

This sort of phenomenon really feels like something that is commonplace in the world of automobiles. Car fans will really go out of their way sometimes to help out others. This time, though, we check in with the situation that is anything but typical. In fact, we would even argue that this car enthusiast went pretty far out of his way to help another. It all went down without the hero in this story even being asked or meeting the owner of the car that he saved.

Enter Tropical Storm Cristobal.

The story of the storm seems to have a gone a bit underreported as there are definitely more dominant headlines these days. However, Tropical Storm Cristobal has been wreaking havoc on Louisiana over the past couple of days. It seems as if the state is getting a little bit more bad weather than they had originally anticipated.

When a man by the name of Austin Owens spotted a well-put-together Mazda RX-7 in an area that had begun to flood, he jumped to action. He says that he had no idea who the car belonged to but couldn’t let it get flooded. Owens says that he purchased blocks and got the car off of the ground far enough so that the engine wouldn’t get wet.

In a day and age were the most frequently reported stories spew hatred, sometimes, it takes a bit of searching to find people who are looking out for one another. Hats off to Owens who truly deserves some recognition for this random act of kindness.