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Rapper 21 Savage Got Himself a Dodge Demon, Already Raising Hell on Public Roads!

It seems like, so far, we have only seen the Dodge Demon being treated as either a racing machine on a drag strip or a collector’s item. There haven’t been too many people who have gotten their hands on this Mopar product that finds itself on the top shelf and taken it out to beat the living heck out of it. However, I guess that if you just so happen to be rapper, 21 Savage, you have enough money to the point where you don’t really care all that much. When he finally did get himself a Demon, he shows just how much he didn’t care.

As it turns out, Savage actually has some pretty good taste in automobiles as the Demon really comes alive under his foot. A camera was rolling as he took the car out in the streets and decided that he wanted to put some of that power to the ground, absolutely destroying the back tires in a little bit of a burnout display as he swung the car around, unleashing the beast as it took that black rubber and turned it in the white smoke, using friction to put on a show as the car really flexed its muscles on public roadways.

Now, this isn’t necessarily something that we would recommend for you to do but watching it from this side of the screen seems to be a pretty entertaining venture. However, it seems like a kind of random place that he decided to just lay into it and unleash some smoke as he seems to have just stopped right in the middle of traffic, in broad daylight at an intersection and pounded into that long, skinny pedal to see what all that supercharger whine could actually yield in terms of usable results.

*Spoiler Alert* It was awesome!