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Rapper, T-Pain, Puts Custom Shop on BLAST For Destroying His Drift Car

Time and time again, across social media, we see all sorts of negative interactions between automotive shops and their customers.

Certainly, these situations can quickly evolve into a he-said-she-said explosion and it can be hard to tell which side of the story to believe. This time, we check in with rapper and entertainer, T-Pain, who had quite a run-in with Atlanta based GMG Automotive and the shop’s owner, George Grob.

As the story goes, the shop had taken possession of T-Pain’s Nissan 240SX drift car to do some work to it. The shop offered to fix the car for free if they could showcase it in Discovery Channel’s “Getaway Driver” but this deal quickly devolved into a mess when the car was damaged on the show. Grob even admitted to The Drive that he didn’t tell T-Pain about the extent of the damage initially because of his embarrassment.

When the car eventually ended up in the hands of its rightful owner, the machine was still cluttered with all sorts of damage. From metal in the oil pan and a blown head gasket to body panels misaligned and one of the worst vehicle wrap jobs we’ve ever seen, this definitely isn’t what any car owner wants to see when they get their ride back from the shop who was supposed to work on it. In fact, T-Pain told his audience in a 31-part TikTok saga that the car was returned in worse shape than when he sent it out.

The shop’s owner was interviewed over on The Drive where admitted that the build wasn’t where it was supposed to be. In the interview, he says “That was horrible. It looked like sh*t. That’s not our completed product, he didn’t let us complete the product.” Grob also told The Drive that he intended to rewrap the car and finish it after returning from SEMA.

Grob concluded his piece, telling The Drive, “It’s not [T-Pain’s] fault, and it’s not fair to him,” but counters “I have nothing. He’s ruined my life. He went way overboard with his video.”

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