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Rapper YG almost gets hit by a sliding Corvette in Compton

There are all different facets of our automotive culture. Subgroups can be centered around a variety of facets. Some might place importance how good your car looks while others focus on going fast and nothing else. Oh yeah and we almost forgot to mention that there is another group that bases their culture around absolute insanity.

You see, out on the west coast, the practice of a sideshow, that is, riding out donuts and shredding tires in the middle of public streets to show off your ride and your abilities, is a quite common practice and as you could imagine, these guys have a lot of close calls.

This time, we catch up with the rapper, YG as it looks like he is filming for a music video with a sideshow going on in the background when he nearly gets clobbered by the likes of a Chevrolet Corvette.

Now, the rapper is able to bounce out of the way before the car does any kind of real damage but this one is most certainly too close for comfort. Check out the close call for yourself down below!


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