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Raptor 1300 ATV With A Hayabusa Motor Ripping Cookies!

Raptor 1300 ATV With A Hayabusa Motor Ripping Cookies!

It seems as if these days, folks are raring and ready to jam a Hayabusa motorcycle engine in everything that the power plant will fit into!

From go-carts to golf carts and everything in between, we’ve seen a wide variety of quite interesting swaps and with good reason: the engine makes whatever frame it’s in haul out!

This time, the swap candidate is a Raptor ATV and it responds just as we expected, with tons of tire smoke and a situation that looks to be one heck of a good time!

Check out the video below as ATV legend Steve Abbott tears up the pavement on this stupid fast Busa powered beast. Pulling off a few solid donuts just before he drops the throttle and takes off leaving behind a nice fresh trail of rubber behind him!  What would you put a ‘Busa engine in if you had your choice?

Watch below as a GSX-R takes on a Yamaha Banshee on the streets.




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