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The Legendary Raptor Could Be Ditching Leaf Spring Suspension In The Next Generation

One of the main components that sells Ford’s Raptor is the suspension setup. It feels like this is the factor that truly differentiates the truck from a traditional Ford F-150. Sure, the Raptor does have some bells and whistles that can’t be found on a base model truck. However, fine-tuning the suspension is what really makes a Raptor, well, a Raptor.

With the latest update in the lineage, we learn that this suspension will be due for some updating very soon. Currently, the truck can be found sitting on a leaf spring suspension. While many would argue that has worked out well for the platform, it’s becoming a bit dated in this day and age. Instead, Ford is rumored to be stepping up in the form of coil spring suspension with the next generation.

Via Automotive News, “New spy photos show an F-150 Raptor test truck with what appears to be a fully engineered and production-ready coil spring rear suspension.” They also tell us that “Ford wouldn’t say if the F-150 Raptor is getting coil springs. Spokesman Mike Levine said the company doesn’t comment on future products.”

As of now, this isn’t something that we would write a check for just yet. It’s definitely going to be a factor to keep an eye on, though. While the vast majority of vehicles that any automotive manufacturer sells will be on the safe side as to promote sales to a broader audience, the Raptor flips the script. This is the platform where they take their chances. This could mean that we see new components from engine combinations to suspension and everything in between.

Ford hasn’t exactly been shy about making massive changes to their performance vehicles, either. As we all know, with the likes of the Raptor and the Ford GT, the V8 has been abandoned in favor of an Ecoboost V6. That certainly seemed to come out of the left field. Who knows what they’ll bring to the table to change next?

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