Rare Footage: Aaron Kaufman Attacks Pikes Peak in his Wicked Ford Falcon!

If you ask just about anyone who happens to be a fan of driving through the twisties, ...

If you ask just about anyone who happens to be a fan of driving through the twisties, Pike’s Peak is most certainly a destination that most would like to run through. With a combination of roads that twist and turn and elevation changes that really challenge the vehicle in question, you could definitely consider this one of the most epic racing roads in the country. In addition, the element of danger that it throws into the mix with all of that mountain lying below you really makes the road all that much more interesting of an opponent to your abilities. You want to push the car as you round those turns but should you push it too much, you might find that the ground below you becomes a lot closer than you would like.

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This time, we check out the scene as none other than Aaron Kaufman hits the insane stretch of road in his classic Ford Falcon. With this collection of footage, we get to watch the car in action as it zooms through the curves during practice at Devil’s Playground and Boulder Park and then we spin into a little bit of race day footage at Engineer’s Corner during the 92nd running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb when Kaufman really has the opportunity to turn up the intensity and open up that throttle to the fullest extent of what he’s comfortable with, pushing the limits just little bit more.

Check out the video below as this classic piece of American iron really finds its way around the curves  with a certain sense of confidence that you have got to love watching in any form of racing. Seeing someone like Aaron Kaufman behind the wheel really shows you that this guy is a lot more than a TV personality. He also gets out there and does the dirty work every now and then when it comes to showing off what these rides have really got!

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