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RC Car Pulls Full Size Car – Torque + AWD RC Car!

RC Car Pulls Full Size Car – Torque + AWD RC Car!

Remote control machines have done some amazing things and this time, we check in with one that has a little bit more towing ability than your average machine!

To put its abilities to the test, the owner of this car straps it up to a full-sized car and mashes the throttle in an attempt to pull along the full-sized counterpart.

To our surprise, the tiny little warrior actually does end up mustering up all of its strength and pulling along the Vauxhall Astra in this one-sided tug-of-war.

Check out the video below that shows off what this thing can really do. We were kind of surprised at the car’s abilities, what do you think of the scenario?

This remote control tug-of-war below gets quite wild!



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