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RC Drag Racing Funny Cars On A Real NHRA Track… Badass!

Perhaps the reason that remote control videos have caught on with so much popularity is because the vehicles have escalated to the point where they replicate just about everything in real life except on a much smaller scale. You can literally take just about any facet of life from racing to construction work or anything else and find it reproduced in a scaled down and remote control format.

If you are unable to, or just don’t want to sink the time and money into doing the real thing, the remote control version of it can generally be had for a fraction of the price and time investment. The hobby truly has an appeal all its own. This time, we check out yet another series of racing, in NHRA funny car showdowns, that has been converted into a scaled-down remote control version of itself by the folks over at Traxxas who have taken the NHRA and made it available to just about everybody.

Check out the video below that shows off these miniature drag racing funny car replicas that are probably a blast to get behind the controls of. What do you think of these machines that are able to reach 70 mph? I could personally see all kinds of rivalries coming to life with something like this that would include everything from smack talking to side bets that you see in real life grudge racing. After watching and seeing what these things are capable of, be sure to tell us all about what you think of the remote control monsters that are bound to spell out a great time.