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RC Truck Tug Of War Gone WILD! Ford vs Chevy!

RC Truck Tug Of War Gone WILD! Ford vs Chevy!

If remote control is your game, then you’re probably aware that the hobby has been rolling lately, quite literally. The scope of this wild hobby now incorporates every aspect of motorsport from drifting all the way to off-road adventures.

This time, we get yet another fresh perspective on the hobby thanks to a niche of enthusiasts who have decided to build their scaled creations with the intent of having the maximum towing power to compete in a tractor pull!

Check out the video below as multiple R/Cs compete to tow a stack of cinder blocks that looks to be multiple times their weight! We have to say they’ve won us over. We’re impressed!

A v8 in an R/C drag car is insane! Check it out as the idea comes to life below!!



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