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Real Estate Millionaire Shows off Custom Jeep That Doubles as a Boat

When you have all of the money in the world, or close to it, you can purchase anything that you set your heart or at least most of it. If you’re a car fan at heart, it’s only natural that a good portion of your money is going to get spent on things with wheels. It would be pretty crazy to see how our friends would end up spending a ton of money like this should they ever come into it and what kind of cars they would choose to splurge on. For real estate tycoon, Gil Dezer, he’s fortunate enough to be in a position where he doesn’t have to wonder about that because he’s living it!

In this one, we take a minute to meet with Gil as he gives us of the highlights of his more extravagant transportation expenditures, however, this video takes the time to outline one vehicle, in particular, that might not be the most expensive or even close to it, of the group, but still manages to capture our attention as it’s more unique than pretty much any other vehicle that you would see on the road. On the outside, it might look like a Jeep, but when this thing gets to work, we find that has a lot more to offer than your traditional 4×4 capabilities.

Instead of a traditional Jeep Wrangler that this machine looks like, the design that has been dubbed the “Panther,” instead, is an amphibious vehicle that you can drive straight into the water. It’s one that bystanders are going to definitely have to get used to because even during this news report, we watch as the vehicle launches into the water and not long after, is pulled over by police thanks to people who were somewhat concerned about the individual who was driving their vehicle right off of the edge of a boat ramp!