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Real Life Batmobile is the NASTIEST Replica and it Makes Big Power

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on January 28, 2022

It doesn’t matter what movie it is or how complex the vehicles within it might be, there’s a good chance that, if there’s a movie with cool cars, the enthusiast community has taken it upon themselves to go out and create the rides in its favorite films. From The Fast and the Furious all the way to Batman, we have seen some of the craziest machines from the movies come to life with these awesome custom rides.

This time, we check in with a replica ride that really takes things to another new level. Just when we thought that it would be difficult to replicate a car like Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds, along comes something completely custom like this.

If you thought that finding the right body parts to make a Mustang look like a movie Mustang, creating something that’s entirely original brings an all-new level of difficulty to the equation. It’s not as simple as attaching a couple of bolt-on components but instead, many pieces here had to be built from scratch, making this machine as much of a piece of rolling art as it is a functional vehicle.

The ride in question this time is a Batmobile that is a wildly accurate replica of the one from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Completed with the use of fiberglass and carbon fiber, the machine looks like the real deal. However, under the hood, we find something that even Batman himself would be impressed by as there is 700 hp worth of supercharged power as an engine has been pulled from a Ford Raptor to help power Batman’s ride.

By following along below, we can ride along with the Supercar Blondie YouTube channel that gives us a complete tour of this monster that certainly has to turn at least a couple of heads when it heads down the street.


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