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Real Life “Doc Hudson”

I know I lead off with the “You might be cool, but…” comparison on a lot of my articles, but if there’s ever been a situation where it applies, it’s this awesome video below! So here goes: You might be cool, but you ain’t “drifting a vintage lead sled around a dirt track like a real life Doc Hudson from Disney/Pixar’s hit movie Cars” cool!

Before the villagers break out their torches and call for my head – or my job – let me say right now that I’m aware this isn’t actually a Hudson. The title of the video is also a reference to the movie Cars, in while Paul Newman voiced the gruff but good-intentioned character known as Doc. It’s revealed later in the movie that Doc had once been a successful race car known as the Fabulous Hudson Hornet before a devastating crash ended his career, a situation made much worse by his so-called friends turning their backs on him when he was pushed out of the sport. Doc would take the movie’s star, Lightning McQueen – voiced by Owen Wilson – and teach him how to drive on dirt, a skill that would ultimately prove crucial in the film’s climactic scene.

This car, despite the obvious similarities, is actually not a Hudson, but instead is a late 40’s or early 50’s Ford, known unofficially as a “Shoebox” due to it’s shape. We don’t have any info about what’s under that iconic wide, flowing hod but it certainly sounds mean! The car has a chopped top and appears to be channeled to allow the body to ride lower on the chassis, giving it a nice low center of gravity.

Thanks to the long, wide, and low stance, the car handles like a dream, even on dirt, where the driver is showing of his impressive skills by slinging the car around just like Doc did in the movie. This is some insanely cool footage and I’m dying to know more about this car and what other secrets it’s hiding under that sleek body!