Real Life Rendering Shows Off Mid-Engine Camaro

It has been several months since the unveiling of the most recent Chevrolet Corvette. ...

It has been several months since the unveiling of the most recent Chevrolet Corvette. It’s still almost hard to believe that they finally decided to move the engine to the middle of the car. This has been a concept that has been talked about around water coolers for what seems like decades.

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With every chat of the “next generation” of Corvette, there was a rumor that it would be mid-engined. It almost got to the point where it felt like something like this would never happen and all of these rumors would be chalked up to nothing more than a pipedream.

Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

As time would tell the story, eventually, we did obviously get such a Corvette. Now that the fans have finally gotten what they want, the talk has already shifted. Instead of focusing on what the Corvette is going to become, speculation has turned to the Chevrolet Camaro.

As far as facts go, there is absolutely no reason to believe that the Camaro will ever follow suit and become a mid-engined vehicle. It really doesn’t make any sort of practical sense for General Motors to do something like that. Fresh off of giving the Camaro its own market segment in the muscle car world, GM would basically be stepping on their own feet by competing with their new Corvette.

On the other hand, though, it is a lot of fun to think about. Therefore, plenty of artists have come out with renderings of what a mid-engine Corvette could possibly be. However, none of them are quite as realistic as those done by Rostislav Prokop. Instead of just a still image, we get a full walk-around of a car that looks absolutely real. If were to just take a glance at it, there’s a good chance that we would’ve been fooled into thinking that it was the real deal.[0]=68.ARCI-2Cu7K7ktITZjG8JsovJjJPIQDElWtvn1h_vdApNui99vrVFnFfmREhXjotxX5dlx8JDqo6yMDraVWUS8qYupLu0WZauHf1CNW4DmwgKRvQHZaVgv9v1jjZT6BcDhqf27yznBm4-iVCg7s-KgnCMVhhkSiOPtxev4JN782AG_eTg8kQVyble_8ZQberqbge38uGLyZ5pg5ux8nSGBoJqrBMTKJKWUVTdqDGlSGK_BzJTmGmofdKvt-GuCvHspPx9TJP0E7xEEGYrH0LliV5el_O71Uc_n-6xAOj4yFSKalGXeINAlVk9QonqJ1h93Ot-3v8ZlP6iIjxjYyYjFz0Z6WeAS_1cqSy_EQ&__tn__=-R

Not too long ago, we also saw him render a Ford GT and Mustang mashup that’s too cool to pass by.

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