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What Really Happens When You Jump A Jeep Like They Do In The Movies?

It’s unfortunate that, as we get a little bit older and learn more about the automotive industry, that some of the Hollywood magic can be ruined. Now, even folks without an astute knowledge of what’s going on in the automotive world can understand that not everything on the screen is real. However, there are some people who probably don’t realize that going airborne in a vehicle is a bad idea. In fact, we would argue that jumping a car might seem like one of the most passable stunt ideas. Theoretically, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Let’s just reassure you that it definitely is, though, especially in this big of a display.

This time, we join in with a couple of guys who run an exotic car rental company. Within their fleet, it would seem as though they have a couple of tricked out Jeeps. This time, though, it looks like one of those Jeeps might’ve just taken its last ride. The 4×4’s fate is still up in the air as to if it will be deemed a total loss. One thing for sure, though, is that the result of the Jeep’s last rental is certainly not pretty. The folks who took it out definitely had their fair share of fun with it. They even left it with parts hanging everywhere and in pretty bad shape.

By following along with the video below, we check out the jacked up Jeep Wrangler that was put through the wringer. From the looks of things and estimates, the guys who own it seem to think that it was taken off of a 20-foot ravine. Based on the damage and their description of the accident site, we don’t think that’s too far-fetched. The guys who rented it out didn’t even bother to return it, which adds even more shame to the matter.


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