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Rear Steer Ram 6×6 Crab Walks Down the Highway, Taking up 2 Lanes at a Time

One spin around a platform like YouTube or TikTok will turn up some pretty amazing truck builds that creators from all corners of the community have come up with. Let’s just say that if you put somebody with creativity and talent in the garage for long enough, you absolutely never know what they’re going to come up with.

In this particular case, we check in with a Ram pickup truck that has been converted to a 6×6. For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, this essentially means that the person behind it added an additional axle to make the truck even longer and give it a different look along with the potential for more off-road capability with two extra drive wheels.

However, where this particular 6×6 deviates from the pack in the fact that it doesn’t simply put power to the back wheels. Instead, the rear wheels allow it to steer as well.

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What this means is that not only is this rig incredibly functional but it can also manage to do some pretty cool things to show off its capabilities like twisting the rear wheels to the side to crab walk through traffic. If you want to talk about one way to turn heads, this is most certainly it. It’s not very often, if ever, that some folks will get to see a machine like this simply looking like it’s drifting its way down the highway, taking up two lanes at a time, all while all six wheels are comfortably rolling along the pavement.

In the video below, we can watch the simply unbelievable truck going from point A to point B in a fashion that you have to see to believe.


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