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Meet RebHELL, the first HELLCAT powered WIDEBODY Ram Rebel

Before we know it, there are going to be Hellcat powered pickup trucks running around in the streets. When Ram announced the Rebel TRX, we couldn’t help but be excited. I mean, how cool is it that we’re going to get yet another performance truck on the market? This one is going to be powered by none other than Hellcat architecture. That’s right, 707 screaming horsepower are going to find their way under the hood of a pickup from the factory!

As of now, we have to wait just a little bit for that to come out. For most, that isn’t an issue. Sure, the anticipation might be brewing like a kid on Christmas Eve. I think that most of us can stand to wait though. Well, all of us could stand it except for one man who took matters in his own hands.

Apparently, for this enthusiast, he wanted to get a jump start on the Ram Rebel TRX. Therefore, he decided to build his own. Starting with an optioned out 2019 Ram Rebel, Charles went to town. It all started off with the Hellcat powertrain, providing 707 horsepower to reside right under the driver’s foot. From there, things only got crazier!

Instead of the look of a factory Rebel, this one might just look a bit more aggressive. That’s due to a Fiberwerx widebody kit that takes the liberty of giving this truck a sharper edge than factory. From there, we see a custom wheel and tire package to top it all off. In short, this truck acts as a sort of impatient man’s Rebel TRX. However, one of the cool things here is that Charles was able to build this one to his specifications.

By following along with the video below, we get a pretty interesting teaser of what the Rebel TRX might just look like. – 5thGenRams


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