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Rebuilding A 900hp CTS-V Engine In Less Than 24 Hours

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on October 1, 2020

With some of the build series that get shown off on television or across the internet, things can really seem easy. In fact, with a veteran like Ron Mowen from Vengeance Racing, things just go so smoothly that he really does make it look as simple as tying together some shoelaces. However, one of the things to note is that this tendency to make things look simple comes on the coattails of years of experience.

In reality, for those among us who aren’t GM performance wizards with the experience of Mowen, it might just take a bit steeper learning curve before getting everything right. Therefore, in this one, the tech experts behind Speed Society’s latest giveaway, the 900 hp “Phantom” Cadillac CTS-V, take the time to break it all down.

Instead of just showing off a stock car before a time-lapse and then bringing forth the finished product, this one takes us inside of the details that really make the car come to life. Sometimes, these details can just be glossed over. However, we feel like these are the things that can really make a car stand out from the rest.

In this component of the Beyond the Build series, we get to take a behind-the-scenes look at the steps that make the monster really breathe fire. The episode runs through some steps that make more power possible like the fuel delivery that aids in the combustion process with an added boost. These steps might not be the ones that are the sexiest on paper but they really are the solid bones beneath the car’s crazy horsepower numbers. Without them, all of the boost in the world wouldn’t mean a thing.

By following along with the video below, viewers will really be able to dig into what exactly makes a car like this sing. While it might look easy, there is a lot of talent and great companies behind bringing a machine like this to life.

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