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“Rebuilding Goliath” – Daddy Dave Vlog Shows Engine and Trans Removal

With any form of motorsport, there are sure to be ups and downs that go along with it. Being able to deal with the bumps and bruises here and there is just a part of the game.

However, when we’re talking about top end drag racing operations that are throwing lots of money around, it definitely hurts a little bit more when you have to head back to the drawing board after meeting the wall.

On this year’s No Prep Kings circuit, one of the biggest names of the bunch managed to lose control at the top end of the race track during the South Georgia event. Luckily, Daddy Dave managed to walk away from the whole thing in one piece. Goliath also managed to live to race another day. However, it was going to need a little bit of repair first.

As Dave told us, the main bulk of the wait to see this thing back in competition once again is going to be in waiting on the carbon fiber and fiberglass components that likely need to be custom-made. With everything going on in the world these days, custom component companies have quite a bit of wait time as the jobs have definitely stacked up.

However, when everything comes in, Dave definitely wants to be ready just to assemble it all and get out there racing once again. For those wondering where exactly he would start out, that’s exactly what part one of the entire process is going to be about.

First thing is first in the Goliath rebuild and that means removing the transmission and engine from the car.

For those who just can’t seem to get enough of Daddy Dave, in this one, Dave’s vlog channel takes the liberty of taking us behind the scenes. It’s videos like these that give us an all-new level of appreciation for exactly what kind of effort some of our favorite Street Outlaws invest behind the scenes.


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