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Recoil 3 – BJ Baldwin Tears Up Tacoma in Trophy Truck

Recoil III With BJ Baldwin – Tearing Up Tacoma Washington

With each and every installment of the Recoil series featuring the likes of Ballistic BJ Baldwin, we see stunts that one up each other with every attempt.

Just when we thought that they couldn’t one up themselves any longer, we were graced with the third installment that reached down deep and came up with something amazing.


This time, Baldwin heads on out to the Pacific Northwest with his Trophy Truck packing a punch to the tune of 800hp in the name of a head to head battle with Bruce the Sasquatch. Baldwin will have his hands full to say the least!

With Bruce wielding his very own Can Am, you’d think that BJ would have no issue hunting Bruce down, but some well-executed driving techniques and some tricks up his sleeve keep Bruce right in the game.

Get a load of the latest in Recoil action below as the series takes on the lush foliage and city streets alike to make its mark on the world yet again in a monumental fashion!

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