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Recovering a Jet Boat From Over 120′ Under the Surface of a Lake

When we tune in to the movies and see stories about sunken treasure, naturally, we assume that there’s a little bit of Hollywood magic sprinkled in. However, when it comes to the Adventures With Purpose YouTube channel, it seems like these guys are regularly hunting for lost treasure. Not only that but there’s a pretty good chance that they end up coming up with said treasure at the end of their mission.

This time, we meet with a couple of guys who ran into a little bit of bad luck. Upon taking their jet boat out for a day on the lake, they say that things quickly turned wrong when the boat stalled out. As the performance boat sat incredibly low to the water, awake by another boat would be enough to send water over the side and make it sink. Within 10 seconds, they say, the vessel was completely submerged and they couldn’t do anything about it. Luckily, they made it out of the incident alive.

Fast forward and it’s time to go under the water and try to recover the boat in one piece. Originally, the boat was believed to be over 121 feet deep in the lake. However, as the level of the lake is drained during the winter to make room for the mountain runoff, it would be a lot easier to go and rescue. That isn’t to say that it could be done without a little bit of expertise and some high-end tools.

Once the lake levels dropped to about 60 feet, the crew was able to swoop in and pull out the sunken boat. From there, they were able to use their airbags to float it back to the boat ramp and put it on a trailer. Hopefully, this boat might one day see the restoration that it deserves to get out there on the water once again.


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