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Recovering a Silverado Stuck at the Bottom of a Lake

It’s pretty crazy to think about all of the vehicles in this world that have simply been lost in the wilderness. Whether it’s stashed in the desert far away, abandoned in the jungle, or soaking in the sea, there are probably millions of vehicles out there that are simply forgotten about.

This time, we go to the third option to find a ride that was abandoned some time ago. The ride in question this time is an old Chevrolet Silverado. The truck has certainly seen better days. Before the effort, it had been sitting on the bottom of a lake for long enough to start falling apart.

This time, it’s time for the truck, no matter what the story, to make its way out of the water. Recoveries like this are anything but simple. While it could be easy to picture wrapping a chain around the axle and yanking it out. It’s not exactly that straightforward every time.

We’ve seen towing points ripped right out of a car before. The pressure applied by the water is really a lot more severe than one might expect. There’s not really any sort of science behind this type of effort, either. It’s more of something that is best executed with the help of experience. One might call it art.

In the recovery effort here, though, those taking it on aren’t taking “no” for an answer. In turn, it appears as if they have not only their experience but some really helpful tools as well. Remember, boys and girls, even in a situation like this, the right tools make any job a lot easier.

This one hasn’t seen the light of day in quite some time. In this video, we get to follow along with the recovery effort along with seeing exactly what a Ford stored underwater for over a decade looks like. – Adventures with Purpose.