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Redneck Engineering At It’s Finest, Truck Pushed By AIRBOAT!

Every once in a while, we all get put in a position where we simply mess up. When these times come around where we seem to be stranded, having a helping hand is always nice and this time, we just so happen to stumble upon a situation where the driver of a pickup truck just so happens to run himself out of gas and the way that he was pushed forward was from the most unlikely of sources.

Instead of calling roadside assistance to come and bring him some gas or even having somebody tow him to the nearest gas station, we watch as the duo fires up the air boat that was on the trailer and uses its small block Chevrolet on board to help with pushing the truck to a location where it could fill up once again. It might not be the most conventional of ways to get around, but if it’s effective, who really cares!?


I’m just imagining what the look on somebody’s face would have been like if they saw this contraption being pushed down the road by nothing more than air power. If you had the opportunity to be a spectator to this event, it had to be something that was definitely worth checking out and worthy of recording it with your phone!

Ride along with the unique rescue situation down in the video below has this airboat on board that really came in handy. Next time, I would venture to think that they will be a little bit more careful with their gasoline situation but who knows, maybe if they run a little bit short on gas again, the good old air boat might be broken out to bring this thing back to safety. I’m not sure of that you could possibly get any more resourceful than this.