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We have grown very fond of our off roading brethren here at Speed Society. While most of what gets the press in that world revolves around world-class, internet-breaking custom buggy and crawler builds, there’s a massive fanbase that turns out to watch the grassroots of offroad racing, known as Redneck Touch Trucks.

The name is fitting, and you’ll understand why after watching just a few moments of this class in action. This video, brought to us by the awesome off road video team at Busted Knuckle films, captures a full fifteen minutes of these home-built haulers being put through the paces on this course in North Carolina.

The North vs South Mud Bog is held at Dennis Anderson’s – yes, THAT Dennis Anderson – Muddy Motorsports Park, bringing a whole field of Blazers, Jeeps, pickups and even Suzuki Samurais out to take on the competiton. You can see right from the get go that this course is punishing and takes a toll on all of these rides, even the biggest and most well-built rides take a beating and not all of them make it to the finish line.

My favorite moment – now that I know everybody made it out okay without any major injuries – comes right at the 9 minute mark, when we see a pretty stock looking Grand Cherokee, complete with faux wood paneling, taking on a red, white and black camo-wrapped Jeep. The two appear to be a great matchup based on the start, with them entering the back half of the course pretty much locked in a tie. However, as they return toward the start/finish line, the Grand Cherokee has pulled out to a pretty solid lead. Entering the last jump, it looks like all the driver has to do is land it and roll across the finish line to the the win. However, instead of rolling to victory, he just quite literally rolls, toppling over and flipping, eventually coming to rest on all 4 wheels.

With the Grand Cherokee disabled, the camo jeep is able to make the jump and scramble across the finish line to take the win. Luckily the driver of the rollover ride was wearing all of his safety stuff and walked away with only bruises to his body and ego.


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