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“Redneck Uber” Straps Grandma In Wheelchair In The Bed Of Truck

Sometimes, a situation might not be one that you would prefer, however, there also comes certain times where someone just has to do what they have to do. If you have a goal in mind that absolutely has to be accomplished, there might be certain obstacles in the way but you won’t let anything stand in between you and that goal. While sometimes, safety might be something that you want to observe as anyone being in the back of a moving pickup truck isn’t really a good idea, I guess that for these people that have been dubbed the “Redneck Uber” (Obviously not an actual Uber) that thought never really crossed their minds as it really seems like they were doing whatever it took to get to their destination with wheelchair and all.

It almost seems like a sitcom as grandma is riding along in the back of this Dodge Ram pickup truck, strapped down and all as sai truck continues down the highway. Somebody thought that the situation was notable enough of an experience to the point where they would pull out their phone and begin filming, showcasing this unique set of circumstances that was used to help grandma when, for some reason, riding in the cab wasn’t an option. I guess that when you break it all down, this is certainly one way of being able to go on a little bit of a DIY thrill ride… but don’t try it at home!

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to join with this one for yourself, seeing exactly what something like this looks like as it almost seems like something that is too unbelievable to be true. Until we saw that it was posted by a reputable news source, we would almost swear that something like this was out of a skit comedy sketch. This one looks to be incredibly oh-so-real, though.

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