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Relive The Final Rounds Of No Mercy 9!

Last weekend, much of the small tire universe converged on the tiny town of Adel, GA to compete at Duck X Productions’ fall radial extravaganza, No Mercy 9. As always, Duck had the event live streamed around the world, and the awesome crew over at Speed Video compiled all of the final rounds into one video so fans could relive the intense action over and over again. I’m going to warn you now, if you’re looking for the final round of Radial vs the World, it seems to have been omitted, possibly given it’s own video as the showcase eliminator for the event. You can certainly find it here on Speed Society, just search for it!

The talented and entertaining announcing duo of Brian Lohnes and Lee Sebring brought the action to life all weekend, keeping those on the property as well as those watching at home abreast of what was going on on the track at all times, as well as filling the downtime with their hilarious banter. These guys are great at what they do, and help bring the races to life.

The first class up is the 6.0 Index class, where Jackson Henderson, a young man I’ve watched grow from the age of probably two or three fought his way to a runner-up finish, coming up just short against Ryan Hallmark. Up next, we have DXP 235, where Jonathan Insley’s Mustang took the victory when his opponent turned on the redlight, handing Insley the win.

“Six Mile Randy” out of Detroit lined up with Jason Richards in a battle of North vs South in the Extreme No Time Shootout. Both cars were loaded for bear and overpowered the track, with Richards recovering and pulling away to take the win. In Limited Drag Radial, Daniel Pharris also smoked the tires in his gorgeous Lexus just off the starting line, but Justin Martin had no such drama, streaking to a 4.12 and taking home the win.

JD Campbell took his X275 Camaro to the final round of Outlaw 632, but fell just short of Mike Stavrinos, who put up a stout 4.47 to take down Campbell’s 4.53.

In Pro 275, Ziff Hudson’s twin turbo small block Mustang was out in front of Don Lamana, but lost traction and slowed as Lamana closed the gap and drove around to take the win. In the Small Block No Time shootout, Troy Pirez Jr took the win in his brand new S10 known as Stonewall Jackson, making him a back-to-back Duck X Race winner several times over.

Joel Greathouse redlighted away his chances in the final round of Ultra Street, although Rodney Ragen was right there in his window despite the redlight. This would have been a heck of a race had Greathouse left cleanly. And finally, Wyoming native Rob Goss took home the win in X275 when perennial powerhouse Shane Fisher rattled the tires and had to pedal. It would have been a great side-by-side race had Fisher not shook, with Goss having been on rails all day long.

While these are the rounds that decide who gets the money and the bragging rights, there is so much more to these Duck X events. You should go ahead now and plan to make the trip to Georgia in February for Lights Out 10!